Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hit the Sack

First off I just want to point out what a fabulous illustration this is. Is that a monkey serving cocktails while hanging upside down???? That is AWESOME!! We should totally get one for OPT. No?!

But on to more pressing business... I loathe that Warehouse thing. Loathe it. While I see where you are going with it (I fell for something similar with the nude and the neon in M&S and really had to talk myself out of it because the shape and fit really weren't doing me any favours) and I don't blame you for having your head turned I would just like to point out, and do so with love, that it is really, really gross. Please don't buy it.

The shape is just so blah and the colours aren't nearly bright enough to be Nicollsesque and the blending of colours makes it look as if they have been sprayed on. It reminds me of an abstract recurring nightmare that I used to have as a youth that was so horrible that I used to wake up and vomit. Shudder.

Plus the only way that I could imagine you wearing that would be as the sweet young thing of some sugar daddy, lounging by the pool in high heeled mules with lots of gold jewellery, a ciggie permanently in your mouth, a cocktail in hand from 10am, a deep perma-tan gracing your epidermis, lazily wondering if your hubbie has cottoned on to the fact that you are furiously cuckholding him with Diego, the pool boy. Now stop. STOP! I know, I know what you are thinking. That is all sounding pretty good to you, isn't it? Don't be coy! I know it is. But really, darling, think of the Head...

So, in a word: NO!

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