Thursday, 18 June 2009

Head Mistress

Wow. I tell you what, there's nothing worse than a flaccid head bow is there? I'm glad I decided against gift wrapping myself at the last wedding. It was For The Best. But I tell you what, now I've taken on the peg jean and won, my new obsession that doesn't suit me is a bejewelled head band...thing. I rilly want one. But I always look stupid. I think I mush have an extraordinarily large head because whenever I have tried one they always creep slowly upwards until off they! And I mean, I don't want to be pinging a bejewelled band at The Head, or worse still, a vague acquaintance over dinner do I?

(Image via Coco + Kelly)

But I keep seeing things like this and I reeeeeeally like them. Man! What do you think?

(Images via Daily Mail)

Or I could just stick a plume on my head and look like I'd wandered out of a saloon at the OK Corral and straight into Ladies day at Ascot. What do you mean no? You don't like it?

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