Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All Work And No Play Makes Lucinda a Dull, Dull Girl

I thought I was so clever. So damn clever. I thought I was getting away with it. But the inevitable has happened. They are on to me.

I know that my venture into the corporate world proved something of a surprise for many of mes amis. And I know the thing that scared me more than anything else was that I would have to wear some hideous skirt suit every day. And that I have managed to get away with murder by tripping into work in my cute (and decidedly uncorporate) outfits, which has surprised not a few people.

But that is all coming to an end. Having decided that redundancy is just so terribly passé I have sealed the deal on another six months of gainful employment. But it has come with conditions. In fact, just one condition. That I change the way I dress. I ask you! The very cheek of it!

I believe the pertinent words, ones that chill me to the very bone, were: CONSERVATIVE and CORPORATE. Gah! It makes me shudder and gag just to think of it. I feel that my very soul is being torn out of me. That I am being asked to compromise all that I hold dear.

And I am not just exaggerating for comic effect, either.

I think the smart office dress is the only way to go. So what do you think to these?

(Image via Oasis)
Actually please ignore this one - I went to try it on and the fabric is awful and the shape does nothing for me...

(Image via Marks and Spencer)
(Image via Topshop)

(Image via Reiss)
I have had second thoughts about this one too - it is too "Hey I'm not being too corporate corporate" if you get what I mean.

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