Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Real Piece of Work

Sorry this took me so long. My finger was hovering over the 'post' button for about 20 minutes whilst I tried to figure out if I had slept PIECE correctly. (I hadn't.) But now I'm here and you know what darling? I actually love every single one of those little outfits. Particularly the Reiss number which surprises me. I usually LOATHE a Reiss on principal. And even though on the face of it the word CORPORATE strikes fears into our shared heart, a bit of a weekday uniform isn't such a bad thing. I very definitely have one - OK yeah, it still include bottom skimming frocks but they are DIFFERENT to the bottom skimmers I sling on of a weekend - and it makes life easier.
And I mean, remember Maggie. You can do it, and sister, you can make it WORK.

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