Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Going Loco, Down in Acapulco

(Image via Go Fug Yourself)

Man, I really love the crazies. I can't help myself. I just go gooey in the middle with affection for those who like to push the fashion boat way out. I don't even care when they get it wrong, I just appreciate that they are giving it a go.
You, I suspect, also enjoy it, but only when they still manage to still look pretty, like Mary-Kate. I, however, like a full on freak show.
And that's why I like Chloe Sevigny. She is a lady who isn't afraid to look ugly. Sometimes she gets it way wrong. Sometimes she gets it right and still manages to look avant garde. I think this is such a time.
Continuing on my legs obsession, I would just like to say LOOK AT THOSE GAMS!!!! Yowza! Them's the real deal.
I love the shape of what she's wearing, the shorts are to die for and really work well with the slouchy jacket, and the colour is so pretty and soft. And look! What's that? A Mary Poppins hat that she is comprehensively rocking? Well, waddaya know? You'll hate it, I bet!

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