Tuesday, 9 June 2009


You know how sometimes we are completely in sync and it's all C.O.N.C. rosiness? Those days are just great aren't they? Well sweet cheeks, let's hope we have another of those soon because today is not one of them.

Now, you know my thoughts on an overly stonewashed denim because flick back through your brain's rolodex and you'll recall me wearing one last summer. I've been dragging it out year after year, just praying that it will becoming vaguely fashionable again before I erach the age where a girl has to make the choice of face or arse... I select face and then balloon to twice my size by filling myself with crisps and fizzy drinks to plump out the wrinkles and can no longer struggle in to it. I love it now and I have always loved it. I know you do not because you pointed and laughed the first time you saw me in it, but it does me favours complexion wise and for that reason alone it remains a wardrobe staple come summer. I shan't be BUYING any snow wash items this season though. Heavens above, a girl only needs one denim albatross to deal with in a lifetime, but you know, I am Not Opposed.

What I AM opposed to is Beyonce of Knowles being heralded as an arbiter of taste. I suspect all that has happened is that Tina Knowles is really busy strapping Solange into more feathered items so Beyonce has hired a new stylist who you know, HAS A CLUE. Because she looks lovely and all that, but I'm not convinced. I just look at the clothes and think 'Ohh nice Balmain Beyonce', I don't look at her WEARING the clothes...do you get me? I'm just waiting for Tina to get back in the driving seat and she'll be all Jane Norman does Bridal again...

And as for Chloe, I mean look, I adore her. She has some of the best God damn leglets in town and I love that she whips them out left right and centre. But I had that very same image ready to post along with a comment along the lines of 'THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T GET A HAT LIKE THAT, LOOK WHAT IT DOES TO POOR CHLOE.' Yikes!

AND you know that top that you didn't like? Well I almost feel like whispering it, but I bought it. Don't worry I won't wear it with the stonewash jacket. I value our friendship.

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