Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hatzzzzzzzzzzz Off

Well, my darling, I have returned, and I am more than happy that the sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray, etc. as it does rather soften the blow of the heinous post-holiday blues that have inflicted me.

And even more fortuitously I have just returned from Peru, which is, I was previously unwaware, the centre of hat innovations™. (This might be apochryphal.) I saw some hats out there. Let. Me. Tell. You. !!!

Take a look at these little treats:

I won't even get started on the skirts. Talk about creating curves...

Anyhoo, I disgress. Let's take a look at your little treaticle... Now, first things first, I am 100% on side with Mrs. T and the need for covering up the face. Not in an MJ freakishly shrouding his anklebiters in sheets kind of way, but I am a firm believer that a little shade cast by the brim of a dashing hat will work no end of good in the never ending fight against haggard-dom.

I won't show you the hat I wore to shade my face while I was away as you would probably refuse to take any fashion advice from me ever again. Yours is infinitely more stylish. I think you could carry it off delightfully, as long as you didn't wear it with yesterday's outfit otherwise I would spend all our time distractedly wondering when you were going to whip out a cane and burst into There's no business like show business, like no business I know. Everything about it is appealing... etc. etc. ad infinitum... but otherwise charming. I just maybe wish it wasn't quite so white. You know?

Also, my love, I couldn't possibly sue you for going back on your word about prescription sunnies because I have to make a confession that while I am now wading through my fourth decade I am not yet a responsible adult in any way and have gone global with my ability to leave sunglasses around the countryside wily nily by leaving a pair (indeed, this pair) somewhere in deepest, darkest Peru. Just as well I didn't buy the McQueens, huh?

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