Friday, 5 June 2009

Skinny Dipping

(Image via Kurt Geiger)

OK, so today might not be a prime example of what I am about to say, but it does rather seem that summer might be here. (I am optimistic, I'm sure it will be back, ideally tomorrow for birthday celebrations.) And summer merits a new shoe. Last year I wore my sandals most days but there were quite a lot of raised eyebrows at work, supposedly on the grounds of health and safety. A stapler could fall on your foot, etc. Would you credit it?

So I am thinking about a nude flat pump this year. This pic is for illustrative purposes only, I haven't actually started the search. But with my floral dresses and bright colours I feel that nude is the only way to go. Otherwise I will start to look a bit insane/be a bit poor if I try to match them. Wouldn't you agree?

I do have a slight concern that I might end up looking like a manequin by matching my shoes to body parts...

Ooh! These could be contenders:

(Image via Office)

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