Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Transformers, Gapey Boob Sockets and Red

Goodness me where to start? I have been migrained-d up and lying very very s...t...i...l...l and you've been posting like a fiend! Yikes. Here are my thoughts: Olsens - I love. I always want to prefer Ashley because she looks a bit cleaner but it's always going to be MK for me, even when she dresses up as a transformer (see right, is she an actual robot in disguise?)....Strapless frocks, not usually for the small boobied among us either but I bought one this very day that doesn't leave me with empty gapey boob sockets so that's a turn up for the books and should teach us a lesson to always try on....Mary Poppins hat, PLEASE NO Lucia, NO....the asos shoe unpleasantness, let's gloss babes, gloss...the soup man is clearly an idiot and the bag is nice but REEEEEEALLY expensive as well as REEEEEEALLY small but if I were rich I'd buy it also, so bravo. Phew. I forgot the orthopedic shoe from Red. Er, I don't know what I think about that. Each time I look at it I I change my mind. But is IS from Red soooo, hmmm.

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