Friday, 13 March 2009

Cut the crop

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What with ripped and stonewashed denim, shoulder pads and harem pants it seems that the 80s are really having their day. (Again.) While I could discuss this until the cows realised that the grass on the other side of the fence was not greener and that maybe they were already on to a good thing and decided to wend their way home, there is one item that I don't really feel is open to discussion. I love the harem pant, you are enamoured of the ripped denim and I feel a properly sculptural jacket with exaggerated shoulders could well have its charms. But the crop top? No, surely. Who in their right mind would wear it?
Particularly when the most famous crop top wearer is so infamous and indomitable. Yes, I am talking Kelly LeBrock. And I am talking Weird Science.
It is a terrible trend, nearly everyone on the planet is worth more than that and quite frankly no one is ever going to stand up to questioning against Miss LeB. So let's just not, shall we?

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