Wednesday, 4 March 2009


My CONC-ometer is playing havoc with me so far this week, which well you know. And in this tricky situ you lob in this….SHOEBOOT monstrosity and I panicked and thought that your radar had packed in too! Of course I knew that there would be some explanatory comment beneath that hideous image explaining the whys and wherefores in full, but I couldn't see it from under the desk where I had slid when I saw that THING (whilst thinking “Would you credit it! You start a blog in November with your sartorial goal posts firmly fixed and by March it’s all disco chain mail clutches and graffiti shoe boots!”

Edina Monsoon would wear these. They are HID. But I do love that a child (and a boy one at that!) passed comment on you shoeboot of old. That's cute in itself. But some things are best left aren't they popsy? Shall we never speak of this again? Yes? Good.

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