Thursday, 19 March 2009

I concur

What a total and utter disaster. There is nothing worse than finding the very perfect item only to realise that they are charging an exorbitant amount for it. I recently had the same experience in Zara. I fell in love with the most divinely soft shearling jacket only to find that it cost £500. FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS?? IN ZARA?? In fact, I bet we both had the same facial expression when our fingers fumbled on the price tag. And I bet it yelled "WTF??" and possibly scared small children standing near by.

I think you have made all the points that I would also make, so I will save us all the time and effort and just let you know that I feel for you and will support you in your time of need.

Except I would probably go futher and NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN... Is that a bit extreme?

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