Monday, 9 March 2009

Live long and prosper

Darling! Do you really need to ask me? Generally speaking I prefer the winter. I prefer being cold to hot. And I prefer layers and opaque tights to vest tops, floaty skirts and flip flops. But there is one thing that makes me dream of the summer months. And that one thing is my navy jersey maxi dress. The dress that has so much fabric that I could lay it on the floor and a small child could be occupied in its depths for hours. It might have the RSPCC on my back, but you get my point. And while my dress might have both shoulders in tact it doesn't make me love yours any less, or think that it is any less appropriate for the day time. Sure, someone might once have thought that I was wafting around in a ball gown in the office (which I think is even a little extreme for me) but what of it? And honestly, if anyone thinks that your time at work is anything other than prep time for your real life, then they are quite deluded anyway.

I love the idea of toughening it up with the leather jacket. So yes, please do wear it. I love it, you love it, let the people of Britain, nay, THE WORLD, love it too!!

I do find it quite amusing though that the thought of covering up gives you further pause than the thought of revealing your buttocks in a well know noodle eaterie. You naughty minx!

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