Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Give them the slip

Darling, I know we don't often (if ever) sully our C.O.N.C. with thoughts of boys' attire, but I feel a pressing need to discuss this with you.

I would like to start by telling you a story. Once upon a time a group of reasonably rowdy girls were joined by a couple of diminutively shod young men for the apparent purpose of drinking a bar dry and talking dirty for the evening. At one point during the ensuing hijinks one of the aforementioned (and ever so slightly flirtatious) gentlemen saw fit to display his footwear to the assembled hoards. And lo and behold it was a slip on shoe!! I hope the italics suitably communicate the horror that this sight instilled in me. I was so shocked I was almost lost for words. After all he had heretofore seemed like a perfectly reasonable individual. How was I to know what was lurking under the table?

As well you might imagine it did not take long for me to assemble my thoughts, find my voice and spew forth about how hideous I found said item, without a thought to the poor chap's feelings.

In the cold and sober light of day I wonder if I was a little rash. Is it right to judge a man by his loafer? Is it just the last vestige of conservatism that makes me prefer a man in a lace up? Am I living in the past? Or would you judge such an individual similarly?

P.S. I am not really sorry, I stand by my initial judgement, and even if you are more receptive to a shoe on a man that wants for a fastening I will not be changing my mind, either now or at any other juncture. If that helps with your response...!

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