Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Les deux Olsens

I know I shouldn't, but I do. Love them, that is. Both of them. Equally. Look how they pout and are smoky of eye! Although there is always one who seems to be charming me ever so slightly more at each moment of the day that goes by. Quite often it is Ashley. She is the one who looks marginally less like a ragamuffin, isn't she? Yes, that one.

Much in the same way that I love Miss. Swinton, which I know you don't approve of, I can have nothing but love for a pair who know how to rock out an extreme trend without batting an eyelid. So while I might guffaw at someone in the street wearing the devil's own booties, I love them on old MK. And I rather suspect I might love them on you too. Good luck with your dreams of high street ripoffdom.

On another note, I would also like to express my extreme affection for their range Elizabeth and James which I find entirely charming and particularly like the photography on the website as it seems to have a sense of humour while being achingly hip. Quite a rarity.

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