Thursday, 19 March 2009

OMG we are totally in synch!

First things first: sorry about the pic.

Now on to the post, and ... HOLD THE PHONE!!! I wrote about sleevelessness when you had been thinking about it, now you've only gone and written about that nasty thing that's going around: fringing, when I was thinking about it and was hurrying into work to post how repugnant I found it. What is going on honeybunch? Is it merely a sign that we are completly awesome and that our opinions are just so right that no one can be thinking of anything other than what we are thinking? (I'd like to think so!) Or is it the fact that this season is supposedly without real trends which is scaring the bejeesus out of everyone who depend on trends to get things of the shelves so they are inventing them willy nilly without a backwards glance?

Phew, I feel quite out of breath. But let's just stop the madness. Enough is enough.

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