Tuesday, 24 March 2009

An ACTUAL Pegasus on a Pendant

I dig those threads man. You see here wCheck Spellinge are again. I love a bit of Jigsaw but I look like a lunatic in anything that I try on in there. And I do persist because I love their stuff, and the shops themselves etc etc. The only thing I can ever actually buy there are accessories.

All of those pieces are glorious and would suit you down to the ground madam. What a productive afternoon you appear to be having!

Now weirdly, I found this image through google. (Would you believe there wasn't a scantily clad lady creature to be seen in amongst the 'jigsaw' images. I feel slightly disappointed.) I don't love these jigsaw earring but I DO love the Pegasus pendant and the heart pendant that I think was actually made for me. What a winner find!

(All images via Rocks On)

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