Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Honey, I'm Holmes! (AWFULNESS)

OK. First things first.

I have seen Go. All of it! It is one of my favourite films EVA. Do you need to sit down?

I loved her in it. I was spared to Dawson's Creek to-ing and fro-ing (were girls really lovelorn over that blond guy? That like, makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER) so I only became aware of her properly when she was being all cool and edgy in that film and I really liked her.

And then I'm with you, Tom Cruise happened and I had second thoughts and then I liked the Beckham Connection because regardless of what anybody thinks of Lady Victoria, I think it's safe to say she has quite a sense of humour and that will always win me over. And now this. Fabulous. It's nice to see her dressing her age rather than looking a bit too old and a bit too stilted. I love that she is always a bit too tall for Tom too. Bravo Ms Holmes.

The thing is what happened to TC? He was hot once wasn't he? I mean. wasn't he?

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Ana said...

I must confess - I am a secret VB fan. From the pout to the outfit to the heels, she's working it and she knows it. She makes wearing the highest of heels look so effortless, you can't argue with someone like that. And if the stories about VB and Katie being good friends are true, then Miss Holmes is one very lucky lady. She was pictured the other day with long hair extensions and she looked fabulous - where has the old Katie gone? We need her back!

And for my next confession - although I am not a believer in the forthcoming Alien Invasion coming our way, I still have that silly schoolgirl crush on TC. Ok, so I don't have his posters plastered all over my wall but I still follow his latest movies and watch chatshows that he's on etc... That's bad huh? I am trying to wean myself off but it's hard. Then again, I love Vin Diesel so there is clearly something wrong with me.

Back to Katie, if she was doing a Paris Hilton and advertising for a BBF, I wouldn't mind applying for the position myself. Am I alone?