Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ride 'em cowgirl! Yeee-haaw!

Before I come on to your denim shirt, cowgirl quandary, I would just like to note how shocked I am that when searching for images of cowgirls the results suggest that I had actually typed in "SEXY cowgirl" without realising it.

Blimey Charlie! I had no idea that cowgirls stirred such saucy thoughts.
I suppose that whole roll in the hay thing had to come from somewhere...

So maybe even if the shirt does whiff a little of the saddle it is no bad thing. You will just be a certified saucepot!

But really, dear heart, I love a denim shirt. Particularly a really fitted one. But it needs to be soft and slightly faded in my mind so that it looks worn in. And probably with snap fasteners that you can rip... gosh! Look, my mind is in the gutter again. Cowgirls are just naturally sexy, clearly. Snag yourself a shirt immediately and The Head won't be able to resist!

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