Thursday, 12 March 2009

All wrapped up

Hi. Can we revisit the wedding outfit again please? It's starting to bore me now too, but I have one last question*. The Head is the best man so I am thinking I should smarten up a little (I'm even thinking of leaving the wrist hard wear OFF for the occasion. Can you believe it? Now that alone is making an EFFORT in my book.)

Now, a way of swanking up at a wedding is to sport some sort of head gear isn't it? A hat is a step to far for me though, and the thought of a God damn 'fascinator' appalls me so much even typing the words leave me feeling nauseous. Bits of bloody fluff and nonsense. Bleaugh. I bought a headband with a great big bow on it whilst shopping last week which I thought could work with the jumpsuit. My concerns are as follows:

a) I might look like a rock 'n' roll Minnie Mouse


b) I might look as though I have been gift wrapped

What do you think? Is it enough that I HAVEN'T fashioned said bow out of my own hair...rendering that a) and b) are irrelevant?

p.s. I forgot to say, yes please to the shoe! You're the BEST.

* This is probably a lie. I shall still be deliberating over minor details until the very morning of the nuptials I am quite sure. Apologies in advance.

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