Thursday, 5 March 2009

Evil shoe twin

Did you read the Sweet Valley twin books when you were young Kerr? I did, with an almost feverish dedication. Jessica was the cool one who was mega hip, dated boys and did a bit of cheerleading and Elizabeth was the swotty boring one who was, you know, slightly tragic. I think you have some sort of inner Sweet Valley Twin thing going on in the portion of your grey matter dedicated to footwear darling. Those LV booties were all naughty twin and those glorious courts are completely nice homework doing good twin. And although Jessica was always the one that seemed the most fun, in reality you'd ditch her as soon as the shizzle hit the air con. Elizabeth was the twin that you would much rather be pals with, hanging out drinking milkshakes and doing other calorifically challenging but otherwise safe things with. Well I would. I have always been about as edgy as a butter knife.
So the Elizabeth Wakefield shoe is a winner. It is a nude shade, almond toed, a reasonable height, refreshingly non fetishist...which sounds in theory a bit dull. But I adore them! They are prefect for spring. I so enjoy a nude court, a slightly tanned foot and a bit of toe cleavage in the awkward spring months. Gosh we've got all that cardigan on cardigan off, and the shedding of the opaques that spring entails to come haven't we? Lord! I'm off to start body buffing in prep buy the shoe.

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