Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Well, it takes All Sorts!

Holy moly. How long has it taken me to form an opinion on that outfit? For heaven's SAKE! And now all I can think to say about it is how much it brought Bertie Basset to mind. I won't beat about the foliage babes, that outfit is a liquorice based sweet made flesh.

What had me confused was that I liked the shape of it all. And I like the jacket but I think I'd like it more teamed with a floppy brimmed straw hat and a wide white palazzo pant on board a yacht manned by muscular and eager male sorts paid for by my ageing-and-about-to-kark-it multi millionaire husband. THAT would be preferable by far! As it is I'm not mega mega about it. Actually I am afraid of the amount of colour that is bursting forth in all the high street windows in general. I mean, I know it's spring and all but for heaven's sake what are us shadowy types supposed to do? Have a word!

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