Monday, 16 March 2009

Here comes the sun!

I know it is probably a terrible faux pas, and I will now be damning us to a wet summer like last year, but hasn't it been awfully nice that the sun has been out this weekend? I feel quite full of the joys of spring.

But I also suddenly feel terrible stage fright. Having been perusing magazines for quite some time now, forming my perfect summer wardrobe in my head, I find myself ill prepared for its trials. Instead of embracing it I decided to go back to black (ooh, much like Miss Winehouse. I wonder if that is what the song is about...) There are many women today sporting a trench and it has given me the willies a bit, I'm afraid. I am not sure that I am quite ready to get things out (legs and arms, you know, nothing more sinister).

How are you feeling? Can you offer some words of comfort in these trying times? It probably isn't worth the panic. No doubt we'll be up to our knee caps in snow or rain by Thursday. And then I'll regret it.

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