Thursday, 19 March 2009

I don't believe it!

Good GRIEF! I was just having a wonder amongst the virtual racks of French Connection looking for something gorgeous to wear for my impending 30th when I spotted this:Woooo! Length? Tick! Colour? Tick! Will it make me look like a human bauble? Tickerooni! 30th birthday outfit done and dusted I thought. I was already rifling through my wallet hoping to find a card that might still deliver the goods when I though I had better just check the price...It's TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS. From French Connection. Get out of town!! If I wanted to spend that much moolah on a bit of sequin scattered viscose I'd be looking at All Saints. Have a word dears...if your (rather tasteless) acronym emblazoned shower gels are on sale in Boots you're not really high end enough to charge those kind of prices!

Gosh, how crotchety I sound this morning! But I'm not Meldrewing it up completely. I also spotted this on the site which I LOVE. It's still over priced for what it is, but it doesn't horrify me to the same extent. Like, I can look at the price and still BREATHE.

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