Monday, 16 March 2009

Hot Stuff!

You know me Kerr. I love the summer. Do you remember last year when this man (he's a footballer!) was cooking himself to a crisp? He doused himself in oil each day and sizzled like a sausage. He was so brown by the end of the summer he almost looked PURPLE which sounds crazy, but honestly, he did. Well, when everyone was mocking him I sat quietly and twiddled my thumbs and thought to myself 'Why am I not purple yet? Haven't I put in enough hours? Why God, why?'

Just a glimpse of sunshine and the layers start coming off. I was even fretting about wearing an opaque today because I felt over dressed which is ludicrous of course because although it's sunshiny it's not THAT warm. Perhaps unveil your ankles first poppet, perhaps a little peg with a peep toe before the upscale disrobing gets going around May.

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