Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Holmes is where the heart is (Sorry, it's terrible, I know. I couldn't help myself)

How do you feel about Katie Holmes? I've always quietly loved her. I loved her as little pouty Joey Potter who didn't know which boy to love. The cute one? The ugly one? Choices, choices!
I loved her in Go where she got a bit nasty with a boy on a staircase. Nice one! And generally had warm and fuzzy feelings about her until the Cruise Years.

At which point I, along with the rest of the world, turned away, believing her lost to made up religion and the tyranny of a crazed and vertically challenged egotist.

But various things have happened that have made me love her once again. It was a slow process mind. First there was the adorable offspring and all of her beyond perfect outfits. Then the Louise Brooks haircut. Her ability to rock various denim trends better than anyone. Her friendship with Posh (have we discussed my blind and wilful love of Mrs B?!) and how she was inspired to discover fashion, though not in such an insane way as our Vicks. Then, close to her pièce de résistance has been her ability to upstage her husband at most public expeditions by looking fabulous and towering over him in insane heels.

But I think finally the moment has come when I can finally throw off the oppressive mantle of loving her in secret and shout out to the world how awesome and, like, pretty I think she is and how I have a total crush on her. And it is all down to these Miu Miu ads. Isn't she a doll? Look how she plunges her hand into the flame. Is it a visual metaphor for how hot she is?

Oh, Katie! All is forgiven!

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