Monday, 9 March 2009

Holy Toledo!

So says Marilyn in her charmingly breathless way, numerous times in How to Marry a Millionaire (another film that I would include in my "Films Hayley Rowan Should See" tutorial).
And quite frankly it is all I can say when faced with a rabid, mangy fox pin and a jewelled jaguar that appears to be wigging out on a hideous acid trip.
I know that you must have been shocked and appalled, but I'm not sure that I necessarily needed to see the items themselves. I might never sleep again.
So just to try and push it right out of my mind, and maybe right off the page, here are some lovely pictures of some other films that you should see.

His Girl Friday

The Lady Eve

It Happened One Night

Sullivan's Travels

That's far better, isn't it? And aren't you intrigued to watch the films too? Hmmm?!

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