Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Boobs ahoy!

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If ever there was an item of clothing that does not look kindly on those generously endowed in the breast department it is the strapless dress. I know this well. Many have been the times that I have scurried off with one to a fitting room only to find that with but a small degree of motion I am entirely at sea in an abyss that belongs decidedly more to the room than to the dress. Those things are definitely not designed to keep me anchored in any way. (Am I going overboard with the maritime references? Oops, there I go again, I can't help myself!)

But I have a charming shoulder, and a delightful clavicle and a strapless dress would exhibit them so wonderfully. Why is it not more prepared for the bouys? (I know, I went too far that time, didn't I?)

So even though I find this dress beyond beautiful I must put it out of my mind. I might need a moment.

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