Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fringe Benefits

Image via (Hello Dollface)

Hello! Look! Here is adorable little Rachel Bilson. And a whooooole lotta fringing. Yow to the Zer!

And To'Sho are telling us we can't live without a white be-tasseled heeled boot. Are you joking me? I'm quite sure I can live very happily without footwear that comes complete with it's own haircut.

This 80's revival man, I mean seriously AGAIN?! This is the decade that has been revived so often that actually, it has just sprawled itself across the next two decennaries like an awkwardly limbed boy-teen on a comfortable couch with ample snacks, carbonated drinks and a remote control to hand. It is practically omnipresent!

I'm all for a boxy shoulder and a financially defiant hem but there are limits...I would love for the high street to keep a lid on the 80's excesses that didn't even work THEN. Can't we keep the fringes and bubble skirts and jelly shoes etc safely in a locked box labelled 'Not On Our Watch, Thanks!' and post them off to Tacksville U.S.A. toute de suite?

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