Friday, 6 March 2009

Floor me!

Help please. (I promise there’s no mention of marabou to come.) What I would like to know you think I can wear a floor length dress in the day over summer monthswithout looking like I got lost on the way to the local deb ball?

I’m not sure that I can but I have a divine frock that I bought last summer and have so far only worn three times. Three. Count ‘em. That’s not great cost per wear man. I love it and it looks great so rather than splurging for summer I want to see if I can work what I have a little differently. So, it’s floor length with a spot of light rouching in the boob zone (note I say light, there is not a hint of a ruffle, more a gentle nod to gathering). It has one strap…and you may recall I used to decorae that very strap with the bejewelled leopard. Sob. I don't want to talk about that. Anyway, without the accsessory that must not be mentioned it’s just a great frock and the fabric is very light and matt and in no way ostentatious. It’s the length and the one strapping that has got me.

But should it? Because I was all gung ho for wriggling into that Carmen Miranda strapless mini and heading to the office wasn’t I, so I’m clearly not worried about a little shoulder exposure. I would team it with a flat matte glad and I have worn it with my little leather bomber before which is quite cute. But do you think - what with my propensity for a lip and a heavy eye at all times - that people might just suspect I have got ready for a date at the opera waaaay way to early? Please advise.

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