Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jump to it

I realise that I never commented on the moment when you lost a fashion savvy battle with Lorraine Kelly. Honestly darling, I'm not sure I would have advertised the fact. I'm not even best pleased to share the same initials. Charming as she undoubtedly is, there is something a little MOR about her, a little crowd pleasing. Let's just say she is not for me. But round your way I'm sure it just won't do to criticise the Scottish poppet. So let's move on.

It is an important lesson to be learned though. We might make mistakes when we are quick to judge. We should take our time, peruse, drink the item in, scrutin... HOLD THE PHONE!! Where's the fun in that? Quick to judge is my slightly unwieldy middle name! I'm all for making snap decisions, particularly when it comes to unfortunate looking outfits (both on hangers and on real life people, I'm sorry to say) and one instance where you might have possibly been wrong does not convince me to change my whole entire life and philosophy of all I survey! Are you quite mad?? I stand by my right to be quick to judge, and if sometimes I am wrong then that is just the risk I will have to take. I happily accept the consesquences.

And even if one of those hideous jumpsuits proved to be quite pretty, the other two have absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. I pronounce them guilty as charged!


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