Monday, 9 March 2009


It has always been one of my pet hates. Something that I would judge women for probably more than any other fashion crime. It looked so unecessary and so tacky, with no concession to common fashion sense. And the worst of it was that they never seemed to care how bad it looked. You could never tell who was going to fall prey to it. It was a constant threat. It was out there and it was serious.

But now I've only started doing it myself. I feel the need to get this off my chest so excuse the shouting. I HAVE STARTED WEARING WHITE RUNNING SHOES WITH MY REGULAR CLOTHES TO WALK INTO WORK. Phew! I'm so glad it is finally out there. I don't know where it came from, maybe a niggling feeling about falling arches, maybe my increasing daily walks. I won't bore you with the particulars. Its not as though I had ever seen the two ladies from Working Girl as style icons. I had never envied their huge teased barnets. I had never envisaged my form being swamped by an outsized blouson leather jacket. But somehow the trainer thing has happened.

I'm sorry. I'm especially sorry that I now know why those ladies always seemed so utterly indifferent to my scorn. The comfort of it battles and defeats any consideration for style . I would obviously prefer if they weren't so glaring, but I cannot feel bad for something that is just so dreamy. I bounce along to work with my feet supported and cushioned in the way that a satin ballet pump could only dream of. I just wanted to warn you that things have changed. And while I understand that you may no longer be willing the heed my fashion advice after this, there is no going back for me. The trainers are here to stay.

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Kat said...

Over in NY, the look has endured since the era of 'Working Girl'. And these ladies make the look even more authentically Melanie by teaming the sneakers with white sports socks! OVER the sheer tights! I have witnessed this many a sad time...