Monday, 16 March 2009


Darling, you are quite right, people were mocking him last summer when he basted himself like a turkey and turned all shades of wrong. And quite within reason. For God's sake, woman, the man looked like a pigskin travelling case by the end of the summer. Surely you don't want that for yourself. You are naturally such a delightful shade. And while I appreciate that those of us sporting the milkiest complexions might need a bit of a boost at times the mahogany tan is almost certainly going a step too far.

Please take note. I will be bringing a colour chart everytime we meet this summer and if you go too far I might not be held accountable for my actions.

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Ana said...

Ladies, I am deeply hurt that my little Portuguese Twinkle-toes has been the direct target of C.O.N.C.

So he likes to drown himself in olive oil and cook himself in the Mediterranean sun, what's the harm in that? Long may he glisten, fry and bubble, that's what I say.

And of all the pics to put up... you choose the one with the peeling patches? How very dare you!

Still... pork scratchings anyone?