Friday, 20 March 2009

Pleats Please!

today's look

It was not premeditated to look like a Hurley/Maverick hybrid. It was just a cruel twist of fate that the only jacket to hand this morning was brown leather. With a white jean? NO! I feel kind of, well, ridiculous. I literally just need a pair of mirrored sunnies and I'm convinced that Kelly McGillis will magically appear and drape herself about my shoulders as in the pic above which is all well and good, but she might get in the way whilst I am designing my latest beachwear collection/taking Damian to school/eating two raisins with children's cutlery.

And of course I'm going to be out in town all day! I'm praying it will warm up so I can lose the jacket later. Failing that I found a long cotton cardigan in my desk drawer that I had the foresight to stash in case of need over this turbulently temperatured 'is it spring/isn't it' period. It has been squashed up underneath a lever arch file and is so concertinaed it resembles origami but I'm hoping I can Issey Miyakey it out. Gah!

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