Tuesday, 7 July 2009

You Snood, You Lose

Oh Good GRIEF! What fresh hell is this?
(Image via Net a Porter)

Whizza mailed me yesterday morning and kindly reintroduced me to the snood. She said they made her feel 'funny' and I presumed that wasn't funny ha ha. You get me? And then here you all getting all snooded up. I am firmly rooted in the school of thought that in the cooler, winteresque months a hat, a scarf, and an up turned collar will suffice but perhaps that is my Northerness asserting itself. The snood just seems too tubular. And the word tubular is odd. Now I feel funny.

She alwso sent me pictures of dogs in snoods. Which is funny ha ha. But why would a puppy need a snood? Has the world gone soft?

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