Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Boat Shoe

Now. That's weird. The exact same thing happened to me yesterday. No, not the same, the opposite. I am sleepy and preoccupied because my Facebook has gone Chinese for the second day in a row, so do excuse me. I went to Faith in Covent Garden (where did that come from? I never knew it was there!) to try on a shoe that I had seen online. Check Spelling

This shoe if we're being specific:
I am still tyring to find a replacement for these you see.

Anyway, it was too high and cheap looking but it was also TOO BIG. I am very definitely a five or a six. I am not a four. My Mother is a four and refers to my feet as looking 'like BOATS' in comparison to her dainty little paws. Seriously! She has banged on about boat feet since I was about 15. She finds me in a trainer particularly hysterical. I find it disturbing because it's probably going to lead to an activity which might result in sweating and aches and pains the next day but hysterical? No.

I was tempted to buy them just so I could take them home with me next time I visit and show her how my foot swishes and sloshed about inside. But they were quite horrid and were FIFTY pounds (from FAITH?! What the?!) so I didn't.

I'm sorry about your shoe problems though dear. They are awfully nice.

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