Thursday, 30 July 2009

Caped Crusader

I was going to quote the lyrics to Penny Lane and change Lane for Loafer, because I thought that might be funny but it wasn't. So I haven't. I shall just say that I really like those loafers darling. They are almost EXACTLY like my school shoes that I had when I was about 15 but that's a GOOD THING (I was already terribly stylish as such a tender age, what can I say?)

I'd buy them. Here are some more shoes that I like:
(Image via Granace Dore)

Usually this sort of thing gets my goat. I don't understand why an ankle would need a little cape. But this lady looks fabulous. Who'd have thought it? And to talk about shoes even more, I am wearing my new hoofy shoes today and I love them. The lace frock is going BACK though. Good God I looked hilarious in it. I made myself hysterical. I don't want to be hysterical at myself. That's just weird.

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