Thursday, 23 July 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

You are not alone. Although I must say I am mega impressed by the bit where she goes all whizzy and wiggly in the chair. I can't explain, but next time you see it you'll know what I mean. That takes a level of upper body strength that I wouldn't have expected Sienna to have had and I can't help but be impressed.

I met her step mother at a thing a few years ago. I tell you what, she was wearing the best leather jacket I have ever seen IN MY LIFE. I wanted to touch it to see if it was as buttery soft as it looked. But she's Kelly Hoppen so of COURSE it was as buttery soft as I thought. The woman is all about texture for heavens sake. Texture and neutrals a go go. But I thought it might be inappropriate to start grabbing at her outerwear (although I did once finger Delia Smith's suit sleeve whilst discussing her shortbread recipe - trufact - she was in navy gabardine).

Sooooo. Anyway, yeah it's a bit of an odd add. Apparently The Winehouse is bringing out a fragrance. When I think of people that I wouldn' t mind smelling like, I can safely say that Sienna tops the list considerably ahead of Amy. What will that smell of? I am anticipating something pungent with vanilla and fag top notes. Niiiice!

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