Saturday, 11 July 2009

Dusty Binn(s)

(Image via Yvonne Rohe)

I get Russian inspired shooty necklace. I like it. Am wearing excellent necklace myself today. This is convo with client that happened earlier...

Clinetess: 'Oooh love necklace!'
Self: 'Many kind thank yous.'
Clientess: 'Is Tom Binns?'
Self: 'Is kidding?'

(Is nice, sartorially aware client CRAZY? Am on receptionista and cake maker wages only! Tom Binns is distant and hazy dream.)
Clientess: 'No, really? Is Tom Binns?'
Great, uncomfortable pause, broken only by gentle cough and obvious picking of troublesome cuticle by self.

Self: 'No. 'Is Primarni.'
Clientess: 'Oh! Well! Is good work'
Self: 'Hmm. Thanks.'
(Pleased can carry off £4.50 necklace with aplomb.)

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