Friday, 31 July 2009

Flexible Friends

snub-nosed (snbnzd)
1. Having a short, turned-up nose.

Our opinion has actually been ASKED for darling, rather than us just giving it. This is a day to celebrate!

I like that shoe. I have tried it on myself a couple of times. For me the issue is the snubby nosed-ness of it all. I just can't make up my mind if it's TOO snubby. But this is only an issue of the wearer is snubby nosed themselves, whilch happily I don't remember Kate being. I'm sure she had a normal and very nice nose so she's clear on that potential hazard. In fact I think it's only me in the entire world who worries about the toe of a shoe making their nose look snubbier. Maybe I should stop going on and drawing attaention to it. Let's speak no more of it.

So to the height. Yeah man, they're high. But to me it's not the HEIGHT that's the issue, but the flexibility of the SOLE. Now this is important. If the sole is nice and bendy I think that even a dyed in the wool flat pump wearer can get to grips and get on with it. A hard sole though, no. You're done for and even though the wearer can take cabs everywhere and sit down at every available juncture they will have to get TO the cab, or TO the bar stool and shuffling about and trying to keep a heel on in those moments is so unglamorous the wearer might as well be in a flipper as far as I'm concerned.

I can't recall if the sole is nice and bendy or not. I think I was so mesmerised by the noseyness that I'm not going to say any more about, that I didn't have time to move in them and see how they worked but I say: try them on Kate and if there's bend, do it and if not, keep looking. Or employ young men to hoist you aloft on their manly shoulders and carry you TO the cab and TO the bar stool. That would work equally well.

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