Wednesday, 29 July 2009

White On!

I am going to surprise you by owning up to the fact that I quite like that dress.

Up until very recently I loathed lace, particularly white lace. It just smacks too much of a certain Madge moment. Which, in its time and place, was all very well. Actually thinking about the pics of her Madgeness that have been doing the rounds with the scary arms, maybe the slightly more rounded be-laceified days have something to say for them. But anyhoo, I was not 100% convinced that this fashion tip was one that should be revisted anytime soon.

I might also be sore because some years back, I would make a stab at, ooh, five years ago, I went to a concert wearing a pair of white lace leggings. I fear I looked even worse than this.

I was exceedingly drunk for the whole venture, but even so I was soon aware it was a big mistake. Mostly because it seemed to go down really well with the boys. And we all know that if something induces strange men to yell across the street at one it is probably not because one is looking particularly classy and demure. Unless they’re, like, rilly mean.

But I have been slowly coming round to the lace issue despite these scaring memories. In part thanks to Miuccia’s Prada collection of recent days with the black lace. And in part because I am a sucker for fashion and a trend and am wilfully lead into wanting to buy things that I don’t yet own/need. Waddayaknow!

So I really like this. I think you will look like Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby. Except less paedo-chic. Obviously.

As to the hoofs... I think I will have to take your word for it. I still have an image of you in those Aldo ones that made you look like Mrs. Tumnus. I am sure they are lovely, but I might need proof. Please trot out in them the next time we meet! (Tee, hee!)

But for the love of God, DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear the two items together. Everyone has a breaking point and that might well be mine. 'Kay?

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