Tuesday, 14 July 2009

In Good Nick

(Image via Nicholas Kirkwood)

I wasn't going to post about it. And really it might be too painful to be so open about this. But I think my heart might be broken.

You know when you are feeling a bit down and you just think, you know what, nothing would make me feel better than getting me a new pair of shoes. A really expensive, impractical new pair of shoes. With really, really high heels.

So off you pop to Dover Street Market, your heart in your mouth, your heart set on a pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods, desperately trying to be rational so as to not get too excited and let yourself in for a disappointment. After all when a girl wants something so much we all know she is likely to be deprived of it. Just to spite her.

So I had convinced myself that I wouldn't find anything I liked. But lo! what is this? The most delightful pink suede and burgundy python bit of frivolousness ever to grace the planet? Is that what it is? Why yes! Yes indeed. My heart soared. I wondered if maybe I was wrong not to believe in fate. Had I been too hasty in judging the world to be a hostile place?

It appeared I had. Because not only was this shoe just about the most delicious little morsel I had ever laid my eyes on, there nestling among many others was a delightful size 38, just waiting patiently for me to take them home.

But then the crushing moment came. It didn't damn well fit. And yet I am a size 38. Honestly, if there has ever been something to rely on is that my feet are one size and while the rest of me might take on slightly more Rubenesque proportions occassionally (OK, usually) my feet are always ready to slip neatly into a delicate size 38. Mr. Kirkwood it seems does not agree. For into them my feet just would not go. And I wasn't going without a fight. You mark my words. I tugged at that little strap for all I was worth until the assistant squealed at me bitchily "No, no they are too small!" and I had to admit defeat.

I can't tell you how this makes me feel. I am not entirely sure that I will ever get over it. They might have been the ones. But don't you worry about me. After all, there are plenty more shoes in the, err... sea.
(Image via Browns)

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