Friday, 24 July 2009

She Has Issues

Sorry what's that? Where was I last night? Oh! Funny you should ask! At the screening of The September Issue at The Covent Garden hotel ACTually! H at Grazia was very kind and gave me her +1. The Head warned me not to get over excited and cause her any embarrassment. I think I behaved nicely, I grinned inanely at the screen throughout but it was dark so I don't think anyone actually saw me. H made a lot of notes in teeeny tiny writing. I hope she can actually read them today.

It was great. I loved it. I love her. I tell you what though the star of the show is Grace Coddington. Her asides are inspired. And Andre Leon Talley declaring 'There is a famine of beauty! My eyes are STAAAAAARVED of beauty' and rocking up for tennis (that Wintour MAKES him play to lose weight) with full on Vuitton vanity cases, monogrammed towels and sporting a watched heavily embellished with diamond etc is just fabulousity gone MAD.

You get to know much more about fabulous Grace than you do Anna Wintour but it's still great to watch her in action. She's fierce but in a good way. She comes across as just being contained and sparing in what she says. She has a steely look for sure though. I want one. I'm going to start practicing. Come September everyone's going to want one.

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