Friday, 10 July 2009

Stick Your Neck Out

(Image via Accessorize)

Darling, you were of course quite right about the necklace. I bought a little gold chain with a little gold horse galloping along it from Accessorize to wear with the disco dancing dress. Sadly there is no picture to be had of it.

While I was in Accessorize I found this little treat. It is pretty awesome, isn't it? It makes me think that if I bought it I would instantly have to be transported to within a Chekov play where I would stare into the middle distance all the time and talk in a deadened monotone about the snow and how things used to be in Moscow and then maybe shoot my lover in the back with a hunting rifle, and then, you know, blame snow blindness and claim that I thought he was a bear. Or something.

Are you getting that? Or is it just me?

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