Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Get Your Rocks Off

Oooh look! This is the ring I bought yesterday! I'm so pleased Aldo have it on their site. Other wise I was going to take a photo of it but it would have been a problem as The Head changed our camera to black and white on my command at J's party at the weekend and now it seems to be stuck there. No so bad in general terms because skin looks pretty in b&w. Not good for show and telling colourful rings from Aldo.However...leading on from our shoe based's too big. Are my extremities shrinking or is the world just messing with me this week? Either way, it's disconcerting.

I don't think it's dangerously, could-catapult-when-gesturing big so I think it's a keeper. Also, it 'reminds' me so much of a Victoire de Castellaine piece that I might just keep it to look at if nothing else. The only way I could own and hold a real VdeC in my (apparently Lilliputian) palm would involve the word heist and possibly a lengthy jail sentence.
Here is another which is also lovely.

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