Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Stud U Like

I'm in the mood for dancing also. I am sitting at home waiting for Papa Twynham to arrive, listening to early 90's trance and feeling whistful. In those days an outfit for dancing meant glow sticks, thigh high furry boots, hot pants and a dog's collar. I'm not getting all religious on your ass man, I mean an ACTUAL (studded) dog's collar. Elle and I discovered that we have the necks the size of your average domestic terrier when we bought ours from Petsmart, Stoke On Trent. It's good to know these things. If we ever walk past a small pup we look at each other with pride whilst wiping away a tear of happiness at the thought of hours spent wearing our whilst jostling amongst strangers with pupils the size of the moon. Ahhh well, all good things etc etc.

I love the first two. In fact I LOVE that you have suggested the second one and I think that is my favourite for the New Kerr that I am so excited by. With you hair and divine slimness you would look a knock out in that treasure.

The third makes me blink really fast. I don't fully understand it. But understand that I don't like it. Not that one.

I can't fully make out the third. I imagine it is one of those that would look better on. I am waving my fingers about in wafty quotation marks when saying that, understand. I am partial to a skull. And I think it would look great if it works but I just...can't imagine it, and I don't want to try too hard because I want you in number two please.

Thank you!

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