Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sporting Chance

Yeah Kristin McNemany was name checked in the article! I liked her too. I also like saying her name, McNemany, McNenamy. Yeah!

Anyway, there's only so much I can talk about bleached brows. Let's talk abouuuuut SPORTSWEAR!
No seriously, let's!
The Head and I celebrate four years of marriage next week. Tonight we will be playing squash together for the first time EVER. You know I have a slight competitive streak. I am already sending him abusive emails to try and break his spirit. Ha! But let's hope this doesn't cast a dark shadow over the celebrations to come. I want us to be a half Scotch, glossier, non tennis playing version of Graf and Agassi man! That's my vision.

Whist we're there we're going to take a look at the gym. We think we need to change our lifestyles a little and get fitter. Well, The Head thinks that. I just think joining gym = opportunity to buy new outfits and indulge my inner chav.

I badly want these things. I really feel that I need a 3/4 length harem jogger. And a super trashy hoody. And The Head sports bag is just a given isn't it? Too perfect!
(Images via JD Sports)

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