Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Long and The Short of It

(Image via Fashion Toast)

You have to wear the Breton stripe tee and a trouser. That flat fronted trouser, or the white jean. And the fugly fugly necklace with fluro and dangle. That is my favourite outfit of yours and if I were a boy working in an outward bound shop with as questionable name (the shop not the boy, I don't kow his name) I reckon that would be a go-er for me.

Talking of a Breton stripe...I'm not keen on all the tinkering that's going on with them at the moment. Cropped...or long and with a tight bit on the hips (what is that, it's not a top, it's not a dress, it's just a long tshirt with a tight bit on the hips and I defy anyone to look good in one) or vests or one shouldered things...and so on and so forth...bleaugh. It's a classic. I don't like classics being tinkered with. I ahve put myslef in a bad mood now just thinming about it. Man! I hate that. I'll look at my hooves and read the Daily Mail online for a bit an calm down.

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