Thursday, 23 July 2009

On Spec

I am so happy that I finally have an excuse to post this picture, because I really love it. I mean for one thing Jason Schwartzman is quite delightfully beautiful.

Not convinced?

Still not convinced?


Well, I like him anyway.

The other is that they are both wearing the most wonderfully geeky glasses. I own a pair like them, as you know.

Here is me in them.

I have had them for a couple of years, and I have been thinking vaguely about getting another pair, but I am now becoming slightly concerned. Do geeky glasses look really contrived now? You know when something becomes a trend and then even if you were rocking it before it was a trend you end up looking a bit tragic? Is that where we are now with these glasses?
I saw a pretty girl in a pretty dress with super geeky glasses and it just made me think that she was trying too hard. Is that what people think when they see me in mine?

Should I even care? Am I terribly shallow if I do?

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