Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It's All Grecian To Me

I think I look pretty great in a long dress. I can whack an enormous pair of shoes underneath and look taller and slimmer, which is never a bad thing. And the colour of this dress makes me want to weep it's so pretty. And one I feel I can reclaim since I stopped being blonde. With a sexy pair of gold high heeled sandals and delicate gold jewellery it could be super cute, right? But I'm never sure about Grecian. Does it always look a bit costumey? Or a bit beachy? I am going for understated, grown up elegance, not toga party.

Now the second dilemma, it is for a wedding. Is it too bridal? Or is it just pink enough not to hack anyone off?

(Images via Reiss, Whistles)

Another options would be this navy dress. Also cute with gold accessories. Pretty, but it doesn't excite me quite as much.

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